Your Partnership with LMI UK

Detailed cost breakdown

Stage 1 - NO COST

Attend our Foundations of Success Workshop that introduces the ideas and practical tools that underpin LMI's approach to helping people lead and manage themselves, their teams and their organisations more effectively.

We have updated our client offer to include the first two places for any organisation in the UK being complimentary. As we want our onboarding to match our business development process, this is now also complimentary for potential new LMI UK team members.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Stage 2 - Investment £1500 + VAT

Having attended the foundations workshop, if you wish to further explore the LMI opportunity, the next step is to join a group to be coached through LMI's most popular development programme, Effecitive Personal Productivity (part 1 of the Total Leader). LMI offer all clients a money-back guarantee on their first LMI programme. This also applies to you - if at the half-way stage - 6 weeks in - you decide this is not for you, we will refund your entire investment up to this point.

As well as giving you personal experience of the programme, this period also serves as a valuable time for getting to know each other and deciding if partnership with LMI is for you.

Duration: 12 Weeks

Stage 3 - Investment £1500 + VAT

From the half-way point of your own 1st LMI programme, you will be invited to join the LMI UK team as an Associate Director. Complete the LMI Sales Certification and Facilitation Certification courses and be fully equipped for a successful career with LMI.

If you wish, you can continue as an LMI UK team member without further investment.

If you sell 10 LMI programmes within 6 months of joining, we will refund your full £3000 investment to date.

Monthly licence & support fee: £50 + VAT

Stage 4 - Investment £1500 + VAT

At this stage you will be personally coached through LMI's premier leadership programme Effective Personal Leadership as well as being given intensive training and support to develop your LMI business in the direction you would like it to go. At the end of this stage you will be fully versed in the core LMI offering, you will have experienced tremendous personal and professional benefit and you will have your own LMI clients and should be well on the way to establishing a profitable partnership.

Duration: 12 - 24 Weeks

Monthly licence & support fee: £50 + VAT

Final stage - £8450 + VAT

Having been through LMI's two core programmes and having establishing a solid client base, this final investment takes you to full Franchise Director status. You will receive access to and master copies of all LMI programmes and be in a position to begin building your own LMI team.

NB. We have achievement targets that offset some or all of this final cost.

Duration: On-Going

Monthly licence & support fee: £100 + VAT