A ground breaking approach to franchising

Due to the ongoing success of the LMI globally and the fresh input from the new head of LMI UK, Nick Howes, LMI UK are delighted to present a revolutionary approach to franchising.

Imagine being able to try out a franchise in a relatively risk free and low cost way and only having to commit more time, money and resources when you have experienced first hand exactly how the franchise can work for you.


World class programmes

unique process

guaranteed results

Franchise approach

Be sure of your investment


Our survey showed that 64% of new franchisees in the UK regret and write off their investment within 12-18 months stating in most cases that they were misinformed, oversold and out of pocket.

We give you systems at every stage that have a proven track record of generating revenue as you progress with the typical franchisee breaking even within 6-9 months.

A unique 4 step process

Rather than having to commit the full financial cost before you even start, each step is designed to ensure your level of commitment matches your understanding of the business. As your understanding and confidence grows, you can then commit to the next stage with a clear plan of how this will work for you.

  • Guaranteed value to you whichever stage you choose to progress to
  • No pressure to move to the next level of commitment
  • Track record of proven client impact for each step in the process
  • Different revenue generation options for you at each stage

The low risk way to buy a franchise

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This approach allows us to give way more hands on 121 support at each stage compared to a traditional franchise and it is all custom built to give you a relevant system to quickly generate revenue at the stage you are at.

You have the flexibility to hold at a particular stage (still earning money) and further commit when it is right for you.

We can provide a much more personal and hands on service at each stage as we are committing more as you do. We always know that our focus will be in the best possible areas and on those franchisees who are ready to progress.