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LMI is one of the world's oldest and most successful leadership development organisations and offers the #1 global leadership coaching opportunity. When you join LMI-UK you not only join a business that offers a proven concept and a globally recognisable brand, you also join an active and supportive team with a vast range of life and business experience that is continually sharing ideas and offering practical support. You'll won't ever feel you're in business alone.

LMI UK is a non-geographic opportunity so you are not limited to a specific area.

  • Make a difference in people's lives
  • Incredible job satisfaction
  • Opportunity in every industry
  • Long-term client relationships
  • World-class leadership programmes
  • Choose your hours (F/T or P/T)
"I completed my first LMI course in 2006 and continue to use the skills learnt to this day. In 40 years in financial services I cannot think of a course that has delivered similar benefits and I will continue to use and recommend LMI"

more than
50 years

over 80 countries

2 million people


A ground breaking approach

The continued growth of LMI globally is based on the success of our partners, many of whom have experience measured in decades and franchises bought the traditional way.

Recognising that times change, LMI UK has developed a new way to become an LMI partner, with our revolutionary approach to franchising.

Our simple 4-stage process puts you in control and allows you to try out the business risk-free and at low cost. Our desire is not for a quick sale but for long-term partners and we want you to have full confidence as you plan for the future you want.

In this process, you only commit more time, more money and greater resources when you have experienced for yourself exactly how LMI can work for you and the benefits it can deliver.

See our Total Leader brochure to understand LMI's core offering to clients.

Be sure of your investment


Various studies undertaken in recent years have found that worrying large numbers of new franchisees in the UK regret their decision, with many writing off their investment within 12-18 months, often stating the reason for their dissatisfaction was that they were misinformed and oversold.

Our unique, staged approach provides you solutions at every stage of your investment, each with a proven track record of generating revenue as you progress your ownership model.

Thanks to this new model, you also benefit first-hand from the life-changing people development you will deliver to others, meaning that you know exactly what you're offering and whether this is for you (crucially, if you decide it isn't, it will not have cost you anything).

"We embarked upon the journey to becoming an Investors in People organisation, ultimately gaining formal IiP recognition. The assessor was hugely complimentary about the LMI programme, which I'm sure was a significant factor in earning Celtic the prestigious IiP award."
Celtic F.C.

World class programmes

unique process

guaranteed results

Franchise approach

A unique 4 step process

We want every LMI UK team member to be able to sell and coach LMI programmes with authenticity and great confidence and recognise that to do this you need first-hand experience.

Therefore, we have designed each stage to ensure your level of commitment matches your understanding and experience of the business.

As your knowledge and confidence grows, you can then commit to the next stage with a clear plan of how this will work for you.

There is no time limit or set schedule, you make the move to the next level of ownership when it suits you and aligns with your goals.

  • Guaranteed value at every stage
  • No pressure to move to the next level
  • Track record of client impact for every stage
  • Growing revenue generation options at each stage
"I have to say that I found the LMI programme not only helpful for my current job, but also for my career and home life! During my career I have attended many courses, but I must say that none have helped quite as much as this one."
Philips Medical

The zero risk pathway to becoming an LMI partner

Entrepreneur 2021 Training #1

Giving you control over the process also allows us to offer far more direct support, with 1-to-1 meetings at each stage compared to a more traditional approach to franchise ownership.

You and your circumstances are unique, which is why each solution is tailored to the needs of the individual and designed to quickly generate revenue at whatever stage you are at.

The flexibility of our new approach allows you to hold at any stage, still earning money, while you wait to commit further when the time is right for you.

Working hard to build your understanding of our business, our products and the benefits they deliver for clients allows you to fund each stage of ownership from the revenue you earn.

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Ready to find out more?

If you’re ready to make the towards joining one of the world’s finest leadership and people development organisations, now is the time, thanks to our unique 4-stage process.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you in more detail about our world-class programmes and the support network ready to help you succeed as an LMI partner.

For more information, call 0800 116 4749 or register your interest using the form opposite and we can meet remotely at first to get the ball rolling and show you just what an opportunity this is, at just the right time.

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